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It's been sometime since I last took out my dSLR. So I've decided to exercise my dSLR today, since it's all the time resting in the dry box. I've not much stuff to shoot other than my huge yoyo collection, did I tell you that I probably have about 1500 pieces of yoyos now in my room? haha

Today let me introduce you to this rare SPYY REVENGER DEATH THROW.
SPYY produces high end metal yo-yos out of Canada. Their products are always of the highest quality, incredibly balanced, and always have a unique look and feel. You will not be disappointed by a SPYY product.

This is a true gem, I have yet to play with this.
But I think it should remain this way, mint and cool for at least a decade more to go.

Check out some photos below!



Diameter: 53.85mm
Width: 48mm
Weight: 66g
Gap: 4.25
Bearing: Large size C, stainless steel
Finish: bead blasted, splash anodized and laser engraved

Thank you for reading.