Last weekend, there was an event at Presint Alami Shah Alam.
It was the #klcalling market and #klcalling hang out, a very popular hangout event by Tiz Zaqyah.

Even though the weather wasn't that good.. raining throughout the night and some technical hiccups..
The event was still great and successful, we will always support klcalling!

Support local!

Me and Shakeel!

Our new product , Yoyoskeel Stage 1
Recommended by Ewin and Shakeel, for all beginners or intermediate players.

Our little pop up booth.

and some kids having fun with their Stage 1 yoyoskeel.
All busy learning new tricks

Support us, support support!

and some other yo-yos for the advance level players.
The yoyoskeel stalker 2, sense and superbright.
Aluminium alloy yo-yos.

Thank you for reading.