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Standing Theory SS2

So a few days back I went to Standing Theory in SS2, it was full, really packed.
Couldn't find any tables, ended up settling down with the table outside.
Guess their business is very good.

I came here because there were many reviews on the awesome waffle that they served, but to my disappointment it was sold out. Noooo, how can that be? at 12.30pm in the afternoon.

Oh well, ended up ordering the Fatbaby Ice Cream.

Fatbaby is really nice.
I ordered the peanut butter and fudge.
It's basically like eating frozen peanut butter. haha

Very different though.

PB + Fudge Fatbaby ice cream!

and we also ordered the peanut butter cake!

we are a fan of peanuttttttss

and again wanted to order the cold brew, but they're not available.
disappointment again.

will probably come again the next time to try if I still willing to come as there are soo many cafes nowadays. Everyday café hopping.

the crowd.

full full full.

Their cake selections.
We just love peanut butter.

and it's a little bit hard to find parking as well, took us quite a long time.

Thank you for reading.