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There are not many options in Food Republic of Pavilion for a vegetarian; but there is this little

corner that only sells vegetarian food, and it’s the best place to go to! What’s even better about it

is that there is usually no line, like the other places have it. And if you’re counting the nutrients, this

place is definitely healthier than any other one around. Delicious, healthy and quick – what more

can you ask for?

The two options you are confronted with basically as soon as you reach the counter is whether

you want to order off the menu or from the buffet. Either way, you can go with the noodles or the

rice, and if you’re ordering from the menu, you can have soup as well. I usually go with the buffet,

because everything looks so good that I would feel I’m leaving something out if I’m not choosing

from that offering. Don’t believe me? Check this picture out for yourself.

vegetarian pavilion 2

Once I’m set with my rice, I decide on the sauce. My favorite one is the curry sauce, which also

comes with soy mock meat that, to me, tastes like chicken. That’s the point with this place, by the

way. Everything on the menu is mock meat, made to taste delicious and remind you of a particular

meat through its taste and shape. It’s all made of soy and tofu, but in a very crafty way so it

resembles beef, chicken, pork, mutton. For a true meat lover it’s a great place; I myself am not that

adventurous. I don’t miss meat, but I do enjoy some of these mock-meats because of the spices

used; besides, they are very nutritious and contain protein.

For veggies you have a long stream of greens like ladies fingers, four angled beans, potato leafs,

pak choi and so on. As for the sweet part, they offer some small pastry packages that I haven’t

quite gotten to know what they contain, but they sure are tasty!

vegetarian pavilion 1

And there you are, your meal is ready to be eaten, and it will give you the nutrients you need for a

day. That’s the reason why I like to frequent this place, anyway. It’s tasty, nutritious and completely

local. Compared to Western cuisine, where we have mock Turkey or mock Cordon Bleu (and even

though it sounds fancy, trust me, it gets boring with time), here is Asia it’s all fun and games, with

nameless mock meat that just tastes good and it’s can be a challenge to guess which meat it’s supposed to resemble.

Besides, after the countless indigestion cases I had with my tummy during the beginning of my

stay in KL, going to this place instead of the food stalls on the street has proven effective. It was

more or less because of the information I got from this graph:

vegetarian pavilion 3

The amount of fat and grease contained in the local food off the streets of KL would easily cause

my indigestion and heartburn, especially for a newbie like me. If this is something you might be

fighting with as well, you can read more about the causes of heartburn and indigestion here:

So the next time you find yourself in Pavilion’s Food Republic and you want to eat something

healthy, give the vegetarian corner a try.

It’s conveniently located at:

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,

Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

+60 3-2118 8833

Thank you for reading.