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Hello everyone,

It's time for another yoyo review, it's been awhile since the last review on the YOYOSKEEL SENSE.

Today I will review about the newly released 2012 YoYoSkeel SATISFACTION!
This is the second yoyo that yoyoskeel have released in the year 2012.
Pretty fast and good development from them, thumbs up!

From their facebook page, you can see that they have quite a number of yoyo players enquiring about the new Satisfaction, which means it's the hot topic right now!

YoYoSkeel Satisfaction comes in 4 colours:
Silver, Red, Purple and Dark Grey.

and with the whooping cool price of just RM230 (around USD70) , of course I would get one!
I got the purple one this time, funky style for the win.
This is the front look of it, design is quite similar with his previous brother, the yoyoskeel sense. I did a long sleeper test on this yoyo and after waiting for more than 5 minutes. the yoyo was still quite stable and still spinning with a good momentum... I gave up waiting after that. haha. It spins long! Not very long but long enough.!
Let's see during the upcoming Central Malaysia contest, can this yoyo be the champion for the long sleeper contest..
This is the sideview of the yoyo.
It does NOT vibrate. It is STABLE! word.
It comes with a CONCAVE STAINLESS Steel bearing.
and.. its a 10 BALL bearing!!! You sure know how good the 10 ball bearing is...
Side by side comparison with the first model which is the YoYoSkeel SENSE.

Play wise, speedy tricks.
Comparing with the previous model, this Satisfaction yoyo is good for speedy tricks like braintwister forward mount.. Horizontal tricks can be done easily too. It doesn't grind well, but if you're using a glove, then it won't give much problem. Chopstick tricks and rejection tricks are excellent with this yoyo, pretty good and easy.

Apart from that, this yoyo has an anti unlock feature where the yoyo cannot be loosen with just a slight force, you will have to use a very hard twisting force to open the yoyo. This is to prevent the yoyo from loosening during play. But on the other hand, if you would want to open the yoyo to remove a knot, it will not be that easy. Think of the positive side alright?

oh by the way, it comes in a very nicely done box.
totally forgotten to take a photo of it, but the box is REALLY nice.!
I dont always comment on how the box look in reviews but this time I have to because its nice k!

For more specification of the yoyo:
Shape : Wing Shape
Weight (g) : 67 grams
Width (mm) : 43
Diameter (mm) : 57
Gap Width (mm) : 39.50
Bearing Size : 250 x .500 x .187
Gap Type : Fixed
String : kitty String

Thank you for reading.