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Hello guys!
Chinese new year is a few days away!

Excited right? gonna be funnnnnnn..

Anyways, 3 days ago was the Petronas Chinese New Year campaign at Galeri Petronas KLCC!
I was there as a blogger thanks to Advertlets.

The event is about the launch of the Petronas Chinese New Year Campaign for 2012 and the 'Reimagining Energy' CNY Photography Contest.
Special preview for us.
Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah giving an opening speech.
Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah mixing the Yee Sang with people from Petronas media & advertising agencies. In the middle is Josh Lim, founder of Advertlets.
There was also a lion dance performance right after the event.
It was the first Lion Dance performance of 2012! woohooooo
Awesome lion dance performance with a big crowd!
and a final shot with the Lion Dance.
Prosperity for the business for everyone!!!
HUAT ahhhh!

The Petronas TVC this year titled “Coming Home” was shot in Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India – depicts six separate yet intertwining stories of individuals around the world who, no matter how far they have come in life, stay true to their roots and tradition.

The TVC also illustrates what it takes to make life better through a progressive and bold attitude that one holds, opening the mind to new ideas and learn new things, ultimately making one a better human being.

Must watch!

Really nice right?
I always like Petronas TVC

Apart from the TVC, PETRONAS is also organising a photography contest themed Reimagining Energy™, in collaboration with Leica Camera AG.

To participate, all that the members of the public have to do is to capture their Chinese New Year moments that best depict the spirit of Reimagining Energy™, submit their photos via PETRONAS’ Facebook page and stand a chance to win great prizes.

“Energy is everywhere, in everything we do, and especially at this time. It could be the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or it could be the hustle and bustle of shopping for and decorating the home. It could even be a portrait of the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities,” explained Dato Mohammad Medan.

Prizes will be awarded to the individuals of the winning photos. These photos will also be displayed and exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS.

This is the Facebook App for their photography contest,
"Reimagining energy"

The “Coming Home” TVC will air from 17th January until 6th February 2012. For more exciting surprises, the public may visit PETRONAS’ YouTube page (

Happy Chinese New Year!

Thank you for reading.