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Introducing the all new SAMSUNG MV800 Flip out multiview compact camera!

Thanks to Samsung and Wackybecky, I got this wonderful opportunity to try out and review this new compact camera.

I believed this new camera will be a hit, just mainly because of its main key feature which is the 180 degrees flip out lcd screen. If I'm not mistaken I think this is the ONLY COMPACT camera that offers a flip out screen for you to snap while looking at yourself.

Users can now take a photo of themselves without the help of anyone, just flip out the screen and compose your shot and SMILE!

It's so easy to use. Check out some photos of the camera.
The MV800 screen folds over the top of the camera,so when you are pointing the camera at yourself, you will be able to see your face! isnt that cool? This is so useful for self-portraits !
When you flip out the screen, a shutter button is revealed on the back of the camera so you can easily take a picture while holding the camera facing you!
Flip out display at landscape and portrait orientation!
Just a click away.
This camera is also very user friendly, it only has 2 simple button!
One is for the menu, and the other one is the playback button.
No more too-many-buttons-confusion.
The MV800 is a 16.2-megapixel compact camera with a 5x optical zoom and 26mm wide-angle lens. It's so wide that you dont have to worry about group shots even when you self shot.
Top of the camera you have a shutter button and a power on/off button!
As simple as it is.
There are a lot more features on this camera like the filters, panoramic effect, 3d photo and many more. But this LOMO effect is the one I liked the most.
You can take a LOMO picture or a LOMO high quality video with just selecting the mode in the menu. Dont have to edit anymore, what you see in that lomo effect is what you get!

Overall: 8/10 for super easy self portraits!

Thank you for reading.