Planet Popcorn has landed on earth!
Round popcorn balls infused with seven awesome flavours... you gotta try it!
Let me bring you through the flavours:

Flavour 1: Original
Traditional popcorn flavour

Flavour 2: Wasabi
OMG! I kid you not, imagine wasabi on your popcorn!
Something you have not tried before I bet, totally different yeahh!

Flavour 3: Chocolate
This is my favourite! Taste like coco crunch cerial with more chocolate in it.

Flavour 4: Caramel
The original doesn't come with caramel so this is sweet.

Flavour 5: Curry
I first sampled this and to my surprise, it was nice! Something like Twisties curry.

Flavour 6: Seaweed
This is also very nice. With green seaweed flakes and slightly salty. Once you pop one into your mouth, you can't stop.

Flavour 7: Cheese
Perfect taste for cheese lovers, if you love super ring, this is a must try!

Here are some photos:
Here are all the popcorns!
2 sizes: Re-sealeable pack and the bigger bucket.
Yes it's HALAL.
Nicely sealed.
The pack is re-sealable, just like the zipper storage bags.
Air tight to keep it crunchy at all times.
Crispy handmade planet popcorn
Chocolate popcorn!
My favourite!
You can try mixing all flavours in a bowl like this. It's fun! Just pop them into your mouth and see who gets the wasabi surprise!

LinkMy overall rating 9/10

Planet Popcorn:
- Sunway Pyramid (First Floor - F1.100D)
- Times Square (LG Floor - LG-18-03A)

Planet popcorn facebook

Flavouring Popcorn!
1. Original - Pack RM 7.90 Bucket RM 12.90
2. Caramel - Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90
3. Seaweed - Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90
4. Curry - Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90
5. Cheese - Pack RM 10.90 Bucket RM 18.90
6. Chocolate - Pack RM 10.90 Bucket RM 18.90
7. Wasabi - Pack RM 9.90 Bucket RM 16.90 (Launched on 22nd Oct)
8. Coffee (Coming Soon)

Thank you PLANET POPCORN for making such awesome popcorn!

Thank you for reading.