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The anticipated SMART PHONE of the year, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 is here!
With a 1.2GHz processor, super-slim and sleek body and feather-light weight, it's by far the BEST smart phone right now!
The screen is one of the key feature for this phone, at 4.3 inches it's hard to miss, and when you turn on the Super AMOLED PLUS technology, you will be WOW-ed by the vibrant and vivid colours.
The applications..

Thanks to Wackybecky and SAMSUNG, I was given a chance to use the brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 a week earlier from the official launch!

First of all..

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is SO SO THIN – With the dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm,
it is the thinnest SMART PHONE in the market right now!!!
It's so light you can't feel anything in your pocket, even lighter than my wallet!
100g (116g, to be precise)

The back cover.
Many reviews stated that the back cover is a little bit flimsy because of the super thin plastic, I on the other hand thinks that it's actually a very smart way for weight reduction. The back cover is usually locked, only open during replacement of sim card/ battery... so why bother about the thickness of the back cover?
Good job Samsung for the back cover!

Wifi sharing makes everything so easy, you don't have to use a cable to transfer files into your computer anymore.. all you need to do is to go to the KIES AIR application, turn it on, follow the instructions by entering the IP address on your computer. Then, you can access everything from your computer through WIFI, yes everything which include your contacts/videos/photos/messages/ringtones etc.
It is VERY VERY useful!
I really like this feature! so satisfying without the need of a cable for file transferring.
10/10 rating!
This is the MAIN MAIN reason why YOU should get a SAMSUNG GALAXY S2!!!

The Galaxy S2 also comes with an 8.0 megapixel camera plus a LED flash light.
It is a considerable improvement over the original Galaxy S 5-megapixel version.
The image quality and sharpness is the best so far.
Sample picture taken a few days ago when I was having my dinner!
and apart from good quality, the start up time for the camera is SOOO FAST!
U GOT TO TRY IT seriously!
Was comparing with my other phone, and it responded so fast, no more missing the moment shot! yays

It has 3.5 mm universal audio jack that gives you easy and good audio playback.

For the picture zooming, the phone has a new zooming style, all we need to do is to place two thumbs or two points on the screen and tilt your phone forward and backwards. That's so cool apart from the usual pinching in and out which can also be done using the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Video test: MUST WATCH!

SUPERB video and audio quality from Samsung Galaxy S2!
2 thumbs up!

Well to be honest not every phones are perfect, so the only problem I had was..
-The phone gets heated up quickly, I was playing Ninja Slice, and at round 6 you already can feel the heat, especially on the camera! I don't know why is it the camera even though I didn't use it... maybe the processor is right behind the camera..

A few comments I got from the online users:

ILG said:
Although it is a lot of money, you get what you pay for meaning that the quality of this phone will probably be extraordinary….it may be a little pricey but trust me, if you were the get the galaxy s you would regret not getting the newer version…

Fonehome said:
The S2 is “astonishingly thin, astonishingly fast smartphone,” and added that there are "very few reasons this shouldn’t be in your pocket.”

Aaron Luton said:
I've never used such a speedy device, even with ten applications open the S II shows no signs of slowing down

Travis said:
Apps loaded very quickly with no issues.

Kiransamy said:
S2 is great! The screen is the winner right now. If I didn't see it for myself, i would not have believe it!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has set a new LEVEL for smart phones in 2011.
It has gone over the par for smart phone, with its own image and put it out of reach for other smart phones competition.

Try the Samsung Galaxy S2 and own one now, just drop by at:

Samsung Galaxy S2 official Launch in Malaysia
- Mid Valley Centre Court
- 22nd June 2011

Hope to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 one day!

Thank you for reading my review!

Thank you for reading.