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Revive is having a contest right now, theme this week is BIG SMALL
This is my entry for this week's BIG SMALL theme!
Most of the people who entered all posted photos of them (right in front - BIG lah of course) with something far away ( Small lor ).. yada yadaaaa... If I do that again ill be the 2343942 person to do it again. Thought of doing something different, and without going out.....

and so...

Last minute came up with this idea when I saw my mom hanging the clothes.
I use my cute small Arsenal outfit + my mom's huge hangar!
then taddaaaa we have BIG AND SMALL lol

Hope I get the RM 1000 cash prize! Give me more points.. ehehe
They're giving it out EVERY WEEK!

Check out the Rev-Up contest tab: (http://apps.facebook.com/revivecup)

You should try this and post your photos too!
Go go go submit your photos now to their FB page.

Thank you for reading.