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Today I'll be blogging about the NEW REVIVE ISOTONIK DRINK!

They have just launched their NEW Revive packaging.! very refreshing look! It tasted good as well.

Rev kan HIDUP anda dengan Revive Isotonik Wajah Baharu!


In addition to that..
Here’s the main part I’m highlighting for today.


Let’s make it simple and short so it’s easier to understand. It's a contest where you...

- snap a photo/video
- follow the theme of the week
- upload to Revive’s FB page
- and of course submit your most creative picture
- and start winning!

Check out the judging system entries for Big Small.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 1 : Red Card
Photo 2 : Yellow Card
Photo 3 : Blue Card

Basictly, you can see the difference. Points will be awarded based on your creativity. More points you collect, chances of winning = Higher.

It’s not too late to join because there’s a chance of winning RM1000 every end of the week!

Prizes are in CASH TERM! Not in prizes form. RM 1000 cash will go to those participation with the most points at the end of the week. Example, if you join this week’s theme, Big small. And if your submissions are good, you will get 5 points yeah. Want to gain more points for that particular week, do submit as many entries as possible as every entries counts! With that, RM 5000 will be awarded to those with the most points after 6 weeks/6 themes.

For video entries, RM 5000 will be awarded for best video after 6 weeks.

Lastly, 8x RM 3000 category awards to be announced at the end of the competition. So anyone can win this!

The winning state which have the most points will have a massive party thrown in their honor.

Judging part will be judged by points. Whenever you submit entries, you will earn points for yourself to win individual prizes and also contribute points to your state to get ahead of the competition. Whichever state wins the most points at the end of the week, all participants from that state will get one bonus point at the starting of the following week. So if you didn’t win anything much from the particular week, you’ll still get pride from your state. Which is actually not that bad. At least you would have told yourself that, I’ve contributed.

Yes, The REVEREES will decide how creative you are! So do send in your best/creative entries and start Revving Up your friends to join as well. Make a difference and Support your own state!

Go and Like the Revive Facebook page now and join the contest TODAY!

Week of 22nd May (Running this week ) - 'Big Small'
Week of 29th May (next Sunday) - 'Play sport in non-sport setting'

Do wait for my entry very soon!
I will do my best woohooo. For myself and for my state!

Thank you for reading.