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F1 fans out there!

Are you excited about the upcoming PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX Showcase 2011??
It will be as grand as last year's exhibition! Be prepared

It will be held on the : 2nd April to 10th April 2011

at: KLCC concourse level

You also stand a chance to meet the F1 super celebrity drivers in person by joining the Petronas F1 facebook contest now. It's quite simple actually.

First, log in to the Petronas F1 FB apps in Facebook, and then picture yourself as an F1 driver and get your friends to LIKE your photos!

You have a few days before the contest ends on the 5th of April 2011

and apart from that, another bonus session is the fan session with Michael Shumacher and Nico Rosberg. Both very good F1 drivers! Be sure to be there.

You can also get your F1 Merchandise during the showcase.
F1 fans can get your own F1 team iPad covers, iPhone covers, tshirts etc.

and best of all you can take as many photos as you like together with various F1 cars which will be displayed in the showcase

and that's not all, there will be a F1 car simulator for your real life experience in the F1 track, speeding over 220kmph wow

and here's the video for Petronas Grand Prix Malaysia 2011.

Thank you for reading.