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Have you heard of Cinema Online?
Cinema Online is like IMDB, it has the latest movie show times, news and reviews.
They also have trailers from various movies, you don't have to search for it in youtube anymore!

Apart from that, the contest! Very easy to win!
I personally have won quite a number of contests from Cinema Online.

Cinema Online is the brainchild of two enterprising individuals who have a dream of revolutionizing the Malaysian movie scene. The website first saw the light of a screen in October 1998, and since then, has grown to include thousands of pages worth of content. In this website you will find all the latest happenings of movies, be they local or international. News, reviews, previews, and contests are amongst its highlights. All this from the humble beginnings of Cinema Showtimes, now encompassing around 95% of ALL Malaysian cinemas, and as always, updated daily for your convenience. Cinema Online also introduced online ticket reservation and to date, is still the only operating nationwide cinema reservation network.

Thanks to Cinema Online, and Blup Blup, I always have the opportunity to watch the latest movie a day before it screens nationwide. offers great deals every week, which includes movie premieres!
Do check out their hahah facebook page

Guess what movie I'm gonna watch this week?
Stay tuned for the review! haha

Thank you for reading.