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Let's talk about the surprise dinner.

Yinxie was so nice to have dinner with me a day before, but it turned out to be a SURPRISE party. hahaha! I was a little suspicious before the dinner, because when I was driving she was talking on the phone in a weird manner: "uh-huh.. er.. er.. dunno dunno.. mm-mmmm- ya-ya-yaa" .

So I thought it was maybe a surprise dinner with her friends whom I know too.. I thought it would probably be around 4-5 people!..

Going to the place was really difficult, didn't know the way, it's in TTDI, a restaurant called Vin's!
The place was also very very dark, and that's probably why I didn't see any of my friends car all around where I parked. haha!

So as I enter, apparently I walked pass Simon So without noticing it was him!
Ahhh. After sitting down for awhile, I noticed that my phone wasn't with me and so I went back to my car to get it. There you go, I saw smashpOp right beside my car walking towards the bunch of 15 people right opposite my car. They were all hiding behind Bryan's car which was under the tree, and everyone checked into 4Square "Under A Tree" LOL

I was very surprise to see them, everyone was there! WOW! Thank You guys

Jeremy, Bryan and Baldwin
Kim, Jason and Simon
Xiang, Jonathan and Euveng
Leslie, Jing, Yinxie and I.
with ze girls!
with ze colourful guys!
a toast for all! Thank you guys!
with all ze guys!
and a final group pic with everyone!
Happpy family!

Thank you all for coming, you guys rock!

Thank you for reading.