13 NOV 2010 BIG THANKS TO...

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Yo Yo Yo!

13 Nov 2010 was my birthday!

Big thanks to those who have made this special day of mine even more special!

Thanks to my family for supporting me all this while, the awesome special Taiwanese cuisine and also the presents from Beijing! weeeeee.

Thanks to Yinxie for planning the super surprise birthday party with the bloggers, the awesome Lowepro Flipside, the delicious homemade chocolate cake, the laughing in the car on the way to dinner, and all the smiles that I had .. and etc etc! lol

Thanks to my high school besties for having dinner with me, the cake and the damn nice Topshop boxers again! haha. xiexie to : Jas, Jan, Ivan, ChoongFu, Sara, WeiJheng!

Thanks to my blogger rockstars for surprising me the night before my birthday, kamsia to: JasonG, Bryan, Xiang, Baldwin, Euveng, Ellie, Weiwei, Jonathan, Jeremy, Simon, Jing, Leslie, Alvin, JasonO. and Thanks for the Lowepro Flipside! wooooots! Thank You All!

Thanks to my MAS friends who treated me lunch at a chinese restaurant and the nice wallnut cake! yum. The lala, pork ribs, kangkung, sotong, tofu were great! Thank you WenJie, Keith, Daniel, Augustine and Tan.!

Thanks to An Honest Mistake band rockstar Leonard Chua for the dinner at an Italian restaurant with Adeline and Thongkai, Thank you so much for the wishes on the card, so touching haha! Thank you, wish you all the best in your career! I'll continue to support you and your band!

Thanks to the 37 people who wished me on Twitter!
Thanks to the 220 people who wished me on Facebook!

You guys rock!

Thank You.

Thank you for reading.