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Hello again!
Remember iTALK WHOA that I posted a few months back?
Whoaaaaa it’s something you should really know!
Log on to ….
Today, I’m gonna highlight to you about the iTALK IDD CALL feature!
One of the main reason why I’m going to start using iTalk Whoa is because of the IDD call service! The rates are fantastic and it’s really easy to use.

Will definitely be able to talk longer to my friends whom are studying abroad and will not have to worry much about the rates! Local rates are also very reasonable, to all fixed line and mobile calls; you only have to pay 18 cents per minute FLAT RATE!
Apart from that, I can CALL my friends now at Manchester, UK for a whooooping RM 0.14 per minute to a fixed line! That’s really really cheap considering the fact that its UK ok! Not Ulu Klang but United Kingdom! Some other cheap rates include Singapore for RM0.09 to both fixed line and also mobile! TEN CENTS to Singapore! How good can that be!

Will start using soon; in the mean time do check out the IDD call rates at
The list goes up to 83 COUNTRIES ! that’s amazing!
Do check out the website for more countries!

What are you waiting for?
Let’s get the IDD iTalk Card and start using it!

Thank you for reading.