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Hello Hello Hello!

Let’s talk talk talk!
Have you heard of the iTALK WHOA?
Whoaaaaa it’s something you should really know!
Check out ….

iTalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systems.

iTalk Whoa provides and interface that enables users to synchronize all the email accounts, social networking sites to enable them to connect, communicate and collaborate with their families and friends.

iTalk Whoa is a place that allows you to multi-task at a single web portal. (email, SMS, make calls, instant messaging and your favorite news)

All in one portal.!!!!!
As long as you have internet access, you can use iTalk Whoa to facilitate your daily hassle
Let’s look at the features that iTalk can provide us~

Get ready to WHOA!

When you have activated your account, you can enjoy the free RM5 credit. WHOA!

SMS could be done through iTalk Whoa too, you have an option to send sms from portal instead of mobile phone.Users can send sms to any phone (local mobile/international mobile/fixed sms)

Users can sync their Twitter account into iTALKWHOA, this gives you all in one portal.
Very easy, you don’t have to open lots of tabs in your browser anymore! haha

Apart from that, there are other features as well such as :

iTalk Whoa enable different webmails to be view in a single portal. In other words, it able to integrate webmail services such as MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, Corporate email servers and so on. The more convincing feature will be the real time true push services and it works with Imap, Pop3, exchange servers and other standard protocols.

Push eMail
iTalk Whoa enables email being push to mobile like what blackberry service and iphone can do now. Now it works with ANY mobile devices without the need of a local client, therefore non blackberry and iphone users can enjoy the push mail facilities too.

Calendar & Task
For me, calendar & task application is very important for me as all my schedule are kept there. iTalk Whoa provides powerful features that users in organizing appointments, events, scheduling and task amongst others. Besides, the capability of iTalk Whoa to assign calendar information and create tasks to be shared with others users within their desktop or mobile workspace makes our life even easier.

Instant Messaging (IM)
iTalk Whoa provides a full collaboration and communication solution, enabling multiple chat servers integrate into one IM chat. Add on, it provides an internal shared-space for collaboration with integrated tools such as IM Chat and so on. There’s no need for external service providers or, when required, capable of drawing in a large number of third-party providers into an aggregated platform for cross communication

Voice Call
Now not only mobile phones are integrated with voice call service, iTalk Whoa enable users to communicate from PC with the lowest calling rate.

Synchronization is very important on back-up the data we have. iTalk Whoa provides synchronization of data between desktop applications, mobile devices and vice-versa. Emails, calendar, notes, to-do lists and messages can all be synchronize and back up now.

Integration Framework
The Mobility & Collaboration systems can now integrate seamlessly with other internal systems incl. Enterprise Applications or external web systems such as Social Networking streams. The capability of drawing in desktop enterprise applications both legacy and new - essentially a future-proof, one-stop platform for any organization’s software solutions. It’s plugged into the platform simply but securely.iTalk Whoa provide shared workspace for exchange of information and ideas independent of geographical location too. Not forgetting iTalk Whoa provides virtual or physical access to a number of data assets (e.g.catalogs, websites, registries, document storage, and databases)

Social Networking Streams
Social networking applications such as twitter are growing rapidly in the community. Seamless ITalk Whoa! integrate with the most popular business & social networking services. All the social network services can be easily managed within iTalk Whoa interface.

I guess everyone is very concerned about the security of data and so on. iTalk Whoa owned Digital Certificates for establishing Network connection using Secure Sockets, Layer (SSL) Protocol with end-point security management, Stored data accessible by all users within or across security domains and Full anti-virus, anti-spam controls.
Add on, iTalk Whoa supports AES encryption, Application Certificates, Active Directory & Group Policy with role-based administration and Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption.


So yeah that’s about it from iTALKWHOA! Quite awesome right?
You should try it, hmmmm stay tuned for more iTalkWhoa reviews!

Thank you for reading.