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Happy New Year to all my readers out there!
2009 has been a great year for me, and a new chapter begins in 2010.

Here I present to you a 70 exclusive photos for RECAP 2009 !!!

I went to Thean Hou Gong for chinese new year 2009

I got first in the South Regionals championship in Malacca.

I was featured in The Star Metro, hehe.

I played with the Oktomat Lomo.
wanna play again lah! haha

I still love my blue car, she has a new sister now! haha

I attended a few weddings, did a few wedding photography job.

I captured lightning!
something NOT easy.

I played Twister for the first time haha

I helped out at a YoYo booth.

I learned how to juggle!
Yes I can hehe

My photo got selected as The Star RM 50 thumbnails winner, haha

I bought a pair of NBs

I participated in the Blind leading the Blind charity walk!

I went for Youth 09 in Putra World Trade

I performed in shopping malls.
A lot.

I went to Jenjarom FGS temple

I switched off all my lights and fans during the Earth Hour
save the earth yo.

My A-Mei picture got featured in Malay Mail.

I sent my friends off.
Jan, CF, HsuZhen to Australia

I celebrated Mother's day with my family in Tony Romas hehe =)

I bought a new phone

I met up with Idris Jala, ex-managing director of Malaysia Airlines

I was featured in the Oriental Daily newspaper

I was at Urbanscapes, KL PAC

I was one of the 52 bloggers in the big yumcha session in Murni ss2

I went for CHEER 2009

I got a new photo printer, Canon Selphy
but only used once! lol

I bought a new lens, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8

The cheapest car wash ever, wished it's near my house haha
RM 1

I've attended a few primary school classmates birthday reunion!

I went for Hennessy Artistry

I had fun in MTV World Stage

I ate Japanese Ice Cream in Bon Odori 09

I bought another lens, Sigma 10-20 ultra wide angle UWA UWA

I had Murukus in school during Deepavali

I won 100 free photo prints from smashpopdotnet!

I went for Kao Wong Yeh festival in Ampang

I went for a convoy tour with 19 cars to Seremban during Hari Raya

I saw the Thunderbirds F-16 right in front of my eyes, damn near! VIP seatings haha
my expression! waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh haha

I was the tour guide for 3 Singaporean friends of mine.

I got addicted to High Cut shoes
My first Supra! I want more can? hehe

I didn't get to retain my 2008 title =(
oh well, 1st runner up Malaysia Nationals championship 2009
will do better next year!

I buka puasa bersama-sama with my kawans haha

I went for Arthurs Day, I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas was da bomb!...

I went to Penang twice!

I participated in Canon's photo marathon

I went for Radio Fest 09

I sang along at Jalan Bukit Bintang, everyone connects

I had the biggest burger ever!
I received a red hoodie for my birthday present, thank you smashpop, bryanlyt, kinz and rice
damn nice! hehe

I went for the All American Rejects Live in KL concert

Ondra from Czech Republic came to play yoyo with us!

We created the YoYo Superheroes team

Joined the M'sia Got Talent, got into Top 16 only, could have been better

Happy times with family in 1u

I supported An Honest Mistake in Battle of the bands 09

I went to Genting for a high class yoyo show with the Malaysia YoYo Crew!
You're looking at the best yoyo players in the nation! haha

Last day of class in METC.
3 years memories in METC.

I was one of the early birds to try out the new FLYMAS.MOBI system

I went for ROCK the World 9!
I'm a rocker now! roarrrr haha

I had a great great Christmas! hehe =)

That's basically it!
Recap 2009!

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Thank you for reading.