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The All American Rejects concert was great but not awesome. Mainly because of the super long delay in the middle while waiting for them to get ready, and also it drizzled a little which made it worst....

We arrived at around 8pm but managed to squeeze our way through till the very front of the stage... haha

Thank you Jason Goh for the ticket, thank you Kinz for the ride.

Like all other concerts, we're all so close to each other! There were not even a single space for me to stretch my leg. So yeah basically I stood for a few long hours, but nevertheless their hits like Dirty Little Secret, I wanna, Gives You Hell etc made it worth waiting!

Time to see some photos from the new UWA. haha

AAR us us us bukit jalil
Nigel Tee, Jason Goh, Mike Campton, Bryan Lim, Kin Meng

 AAR us us us bukit jalil
Then, we saw Xiow Wei and Melvin!
UWA UWA but wah Kinz dengan his white lens!

 AAR us us us bukit jalil
Yew Wei, Jason Goh, Aaron Kee, me and Mike Campton!
party in the USA.. lol

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