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It's been a busy week, my Module 13 exam which is the biggest exam so far will be scheduled either on the 13th November or it could be on the following Monday, still not confirmed yet!

g r r r r . .

You know 13th November? It's the big day! Can't plan anything yet.. hmmm

For now till the exam day, it'll be..
8am - 8pm school, 9pm - 11pm revision, 11pm - 12am Update Blog!


I've also been looping AAR's song over and over again since the concert day..
"I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time with you........."

Hello from the side...

I know you're gonna turn your head here and there to figure out this picture. haha do it.
Stretch your neck! gogogogo haha

Thank you for reading.