Happy Birthday Vignesh Sivabalan!

Celebrated his birthday at Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid.
It was my first time there and surprisingly their Balinese food tasted really good, except that it was quite pricey. Oh well the 11 of us had fun!

 Ole-Ole-Bali-Vignesh-Sivabalan by ewinee
Vignesh Sivabalan
The birthday boy

 Ole-Ole-Bali-Virgin-Margarita by ewin
I ordered Virgin Lime Margarita.
It's sweet, sour and salty! nice nice nice!

Ole-Ole-bali-portrait by ewinee
On the inner side, we have
Timothy Chung (based in KLIA ASU already! fuh power)
me, Johnson Yap, and Dave

Ole-Ole-4-of-them by ewinee
On the outer side,
we have Kingsley Tan, Choon Hing, Keith Kueh and Nicholas Liaw!

Food Food Foood!

Nasi-Campur-OLE-OLE-BALI by ewinee
I ordered this
Nasi Campur Ole Ole Bali Specialties

Ole-Ole-Ayam-Bertutu-Nasi by ewinee
Keith ordered the Ayam Bertutu Nasi Campur, also one of the Ole Ole Bali Specialties.

Ole-Ole-Lamb-Chop-Steak by ewinee
Johnson had the Lamb chop/Steak set

 Ole-Ole-Bali-seniors by ewinee
and not forgetting Daniel Sim and Jack Chia on both ends of the table!
5 of us are from the batch 06! The first ever batch in METC.

After eating,

Ole-Ole-Birthday-Vignesh by ewinee
Vignesh was forced to stand on the chair with the cake. lol
We sang the birthday song.

Ole-Ole-Bali-Vignesh-and-friends by ewinee
That's not all,
he was told to remove the candles using his teeth.

typical birthday party. lol
all thanks to Jack Chia. haha

and what's next?

Ole-Ole-Vignesh-attacking-the-cake by ewinee
attacking the pretty white chocolate cake

Ole-Ole-birthday-cake on face by ewinee
and the end result.
yummy yummy.

Ole-Ole-Bali-Group Picture by ewinee
and last but not least,
a very decent group photo!


Thank you for reading.