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Blog post related to the Pre Digi Birthday Bash at Cloth and Clef

Next week will be Aunty Wong's birthday!
What should I buy for her? I don't know to buy!!! how ah? how leh? how oh?

Ah Lim @ Bryan Lim is going to buy her more tissue paper rolls because Aunty Wong always cry....
Like that I buy her Premier tissue lah ok?
Very expensive eh, better quality ma, surely use until the whole tissue box EMPTY then only give it to me lah hor? =p

and then
Ah Pop @ Jason Goh is buying her Playboy Malibu's perfume.!
wah, somemore for guys wan.
Like that I also buy her the new Adidas Action 3 deodorant lah since she always Thai boxing here and there. This deodorant high tech wan, 24 hour anti perspirant and anti odor. @Aunty Wong @ThaiBoxinGirl can kick here and there lah, no sweat!

Ah Pop will be bring her to the D'Ultimate birthday bash by Digi

make sure you'll be there to see Aunty Wong with her Thai Boxing skills.
don't play play...

so many lah, ma, eh, wan, oh, ah

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