Finally stepped into Snowflake SS 15, Taiwanese Secret Dessert.

I was with Vic for the day and she brought me to the place for dessert, haha yays!
When we enter, the tables were all fully occupied. So popular, and how come I don't know!
We found a table after a few minutes of waiting, she ordered and there comes a Beeping UFO.
Trust me it was my first time playing with it, didn’t even know there's such existence! So kampung lah me!

Apparently this Beeping UFO is a device that tells us that the food we ordered is ready for collection! Damn high tech can? It will light up and vibrates to indicate, wooooot

We ordered the SNOWFLAKE’s Best Seller (Grass Jelly with Iced Grass Jelly and TARO balls) ok TARO Balls are weird. lol

Let's see some pictures!

The techy Beeping UFO, faster flash your lights can?
we want our dessert! haha

The Beeping UFO finally flashes, our desserts are ready!


Snowflake's BEST SELLER
Grass Jelly with Iced Grass Jelly and TARO balls

Rating 7/10

She loves Taro Balls? no? yes?

me with those taroballs snowflake.

time to eat.


Thank you for reading.