Last month, I went for the PJ Blogger ‘K’arnival event which was held in Jaya 33!
Met so many people, mostly bloggers!

Here’s the first post on it.
PJ Challenge Blogger's Karnival 09'

and now, the rest of the photos!

Albert with so many cameras!
His Sony A900 on the left, a Nikon D90 and a Canon 40D.
Three major top brands for dSLR!

And with the gang, the tiga tiga eh eh M M gang! Where’s bboyrice?
Everyone was cheering for Joshua @Mojosh during the live blogging competition and yes he won the first prize, a laptop. Congratz dude!

After the event, there’s a photo session!
Group photo, so many people. haha

And woahhhhhh! Peleng 8mm Fish Eye on Albert’s A900 full frame!
Very very wide, try holding a normal camera up and see how many people you can fit in a frame!
Damn nice, love the fish eye distortion! haha I'm on the right fyi haha


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