CHEER 09 !!!

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Last post for Cheer 09'

This time pictures of...
Judges and hosts for Cheer 09!

/Soo Kui Jien-Cheer-09
Soo Kui Jien, 8th time hosting Cheer.

Redfm DJ
Jeremy Teo, damn funny.

/Amy White-Lambe-Cheer-09
Amy White-Lambe dancing with Soo Kui Jien

/Santwon McCray-Cheer-09
Santwon McCray, the world champion showing his stunts.

Tye Colby Hill preparing for the next move.

/Hayden McGurk-Cheer-09
Hayden McGurk, also one of the judge in Cheer 09'

Niki Cheong, Star Journalist.

oh look who's that!
Hui Jing taking part in the singing contest!

That's all from Cheer 2009. Cheer 2010 here I come?

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