Just came back from Bon Odori Festival!

It was held at the Panasonic Sports Complex - Stadium Matsushita, Shah Alam.
This year there were plenty of parking lots allocated for the festival, thumbs up!
But it was really really dusty, the haze was so thick and the sand from the field made it worst.
Wipe your face with a tissue, it will turn brown/black! Pity my camera and my gears. lol

Other than that, it was great!
Great place to take portraiture shots, remember to bring a longer range lens.

More info on the Bon Festival.

Here are my pictures!

Before that, see what I ate and some portrait shots from Bon Odori 2008!
wooot a year ago!

The 33rd Bon Odori festival, 2009.

She has some really cool hair!

My personal favorite !
the baby is soooooo cuteeeee, me like! me like!

Boy plays with his whistle at the Toy Booth.

Hitting the Taiko (japanese drum)

Mommy feeding the son, happy moment.

It's getting dark.
and the more people are swarming in..... waaaah

Another baby shot, haha
The small dude was suking his finger, yum yummm lol.

and last but not least, the dance.
hundreds of people joined in for the traditional japanese dance.

Bon Odori 2009 was a success.!

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