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Yesterday, I attended one of the most happening festivals in KL which is the KLUE URBANSCAPES 09'. It was held at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre [KLPAC] in Sentul.

I was very lucky to be invited by a very good friend of mine. Thank You sooo much. hehe!

Reached KL Pac at around 2pm and it was really really burning hot. There were so many booths selling all sorts of art related items, but I didn't really go through each and every booth, or not I would definitely buy something for myself.

anyway, lets cut this short and enjoy the pictures!


Urbanscapes 2009! woohooooooo

We're going in~

It's green everywhere!

The people whom I went with.
Notice there's a sweat spot on my shirt because I was slinging my back all the time and it was HOT! (they were sweating more than me lah actually, lol)

Inside Upper level
One of the booth was selling a Blackbird fly camera!
awesomeeeeee! RM 400 yo!
tempting siaaa! hahahhahaa.
There's also Superheadz ultra wide and slim going for RM100!

Street performance by Artificially Intelligent Improvholics Anonymous [AIIA]
some funny stuffs they got there!

Poet stories was performing in The BOX.
The BOX hall was very very dark and cold, totally opposite from what was happening outside!
You need sometime to adapt your eyes to the dark roooooom before stepping in...

and after the performance I went out again!
This time to take picture together with the balloons~
yeehaaaa. colourful...

and live band performances on the other side.
happening siaa, lots of performances going on..

and a final group picture of us.

Looking forward to the next Urbanscapes 2010! wooot


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