LG Blog launch, Nuffnang party, Metropol

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Last Friday, Howard invited me to the Official launch of LG’s Blog ( www.lgblog.com.my ). The location was at Metropol Gourmet Bar in Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee.

My very first time there...

The registration started at 7pm. The usual bloggers from Nuffnang were there as well as some top celebrities like Serena C, Will Quah, Pamela Chong etc etc.. I am very surprised that the entrance were decorated very nicely with red/white balloons, and also the red carpet that made everyone feels like a rockstar. haha

I met Mon Wei, the angel at the entrance~

and Howard was busy signaturing the pretty wall

The registration booth.
Tzia Tzia, another angel registering for the event.

Metropol Bar, Menara Hap Seng

So the event started off at around 8.30pm with a speech by one of the director of LG. The speech was very informative but kinda lengthy as most of us were very excited to see the launch. After his speech, Serena C and Will Quah were invited to officially launch the LG Blog.

Pamela Chong, the host of the night.

The speech.

The angels of the LG blog launch.

Life's good with LG
I'm an LG user, I'm really happy with LG.

After the launch, there were games and activities for everyone. Great prizes like two 32" LG LCD TV, LG DVD players, and LG handphones were up for grab. The best angel and devil dress walked home with an LCD TV while the confused angel and devil walked home with a LG cookie handphone each.

Free flow of beers and sushis~

The Nuffnang bloggers group photo!
nice shot!
credits to Howard

The new LG Arena handphone on the right and the LG Cookie on the left.

Overall the event was a great one although there are a few things that can be improved. Do hope that the LG blog will have lots of updates on the latest info of LG, will be looking forward to it.

Nice meeting everyone in the event, hope to see you all again soon!

Thank you for reading.