A day in Great Eastern Mall

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It was a Saturday, having fun with the yoyo-ing gang in Great Eastern Mall.
and kena "poisoned" by KJ's 35mm f/1.4~

omg I want that lens!
and I want to upgrade my camera, g r r r r... dreams*

This is Wong KJ lah.
The one who brought me into the Alpha world, and still poisoning people with his poisoning lens haha.

This is Azrul Hafriz.
Old school yoyo player.
One of the usual gang.

This is Shakeel and this is Ewin.
The rockstars. ok lah maybe it's him only g r r r haha.

This is Toh Wooi Ming and Nadzeri.
was focusing on Wooi Ming and suddenly the net came from no where..
woooooshhhhh straight into the head. lol.

so bokehhhhhhhhh

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