AMBP Gathering Star Trek Movie Premieres

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Here goes my post on AMBP gathering in Studio-V, 1 utama.

The gathering was great, had some good food and some interesting games. I met some old friends and made some new friends haha, oh and thanks to Michael from AMBP who organised this event.

Apart from that, I also participated in the Tressure Trek (star trek tressure hunt) although my partner and I had zero zero zero knowledge about Star Trek. The tressure hunt was fun, running from Popular (1u old wing) to Coffee bean (new wing), up and down up and down.... We started slow but ended up getting most of the answers right, too bad for us we still did not get top 10 either. g r r r r r. It was fun anway, the experience was great afterall.

and yea my partner was Wei Siong, my new friend. You're awesome, thanks for being my tressure hunt partner. haha

after the tressure hunt, we went for a movie premiere!
Star Trek the movie. yay

Thank You AMBP.

Gathering in Studio V, 1 utama
picture credits to Kenny Yeoh

Even the caterer is a Star Trek fan!
Picture credits to Kenny Yeoh again. haha thanks bro.

and my tressure trek partner!
Wei Siong and I.
Yay. nice meeting you.

The movie premiere pass.
Thank you ambp.

It was so strict that we have to check in all our belongings.
No cameras, no handphones, no laptops.


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