PC Fair babes

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I was at PC fair today and as usual, sardine packed!

Everything seems to be at it's normal price except for the external hard disk which is getting cheaper and cheaper nowadays. As usual the broadband companies dominated the entire hall with more than 30 promoters in a booth! There were like 4 broadband companies namely Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, P1's Wiggy. Their promoters were like "hey! buy this buy that..." They were fighting for customers desperately as their booths were right opposite each other, and there was a part where you can actually see the Orange army going against the Red army.

All in all I did not buy anything for myself. But I managed to capture some photos of the promoters. Less than 10 photos, g r r r r

The Sony Alpha girl.

The cosplay girl.

The PDA girl.

and the Kingsoft promoters!


Thank you for reading.