DGMB bloggers movie meet (BMM3)

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Time to blog about the bloggers movie meet BMM 3 in Cineleisure.!

Our meet up point was at McD Cineleisure, at 12.30pm there were merely 10 bloggers..But after awhile, the number grew bigger until almost 30 people.. We started introducing, talking and taking pictures.

We also went for a movie, He’s Just Not That In To You. Will post about the movie review soon! Immediately after the movie, there was a surprise wedding proposal in the cinema itself. haha right beside me, damn random.

After the movie, we went over to Laundry to have some drink.. That's mostly about it, nice gathering, nice people, okay movie but nice ending.

Overall it was great..!


Pam Song with so many movie tickets!

35 tickets!


The shutter people.

David Cheong, Nigel Sia and I.


The dudes.

Jeffro Ong, Nigel Tee, Alex G and Alvin


The new friends.

Thomas Yap, Jan and Pam Song.

Picture by Nigel Sia



AlexG, Nigel and Joshua Ong - the organizer

Picture by Nigel Sia


Before we enter the cinema, we had a group picture!

Damn nice! so nice!


Picture by Nigel Sia


Minum in Laundry.

Aaron Ho (cincauhangus), Sin Yee and I.


and a last group pic by Nigel Sia.

He's not in the pic.. aiks....

that's all about the gathering.

looking forward to the next one.


Thank you for reading.