DCA exam coming soooon... thinking of you....

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I've not been blogging about my college for quite some time. The main reason is that, I seldom bring my camera to college (actually I'm not allowed to bring since it's located in a restricted airport zone) and so it's very boring for me to blog something without pictures! haha.

Well I'm in the third year now, a very hectic year as we will be rushing like rockets (faster than aircrafts) to complete all the remaining modules in less than 5 months.
Aircraft system, autopilot, propulsion, maintenance practices, material hardware.....

As I have been told, September would be the critical month for me because I'll be taking my Instrument License (LWTR) with 3 other friends of mine (4 out of 98 trainees! wooot). DCA exam worrr, don't play play. (Dept. of Civil Aviation Malaysia)

I really have to study harder now... g r r r

Took this shot in the afternoon with my LG Cookie.
I like the blue walls.
credits to Keith.

and another result received.


Thank you for reading.