Thumbnails @ The Star

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Did you guys read The Star today? haha
Submitted a photo to The Star Thumbnails, and I actually won! haha

Here's the snapshot of the newspaper.

and this is the actual photo taken during the heavy downpour.
What happened was, the Naza Ria thought it would be easy for him to drive through the flooded zone in the tunnel since his car is "big" and "high". He was wrong, my guess was the water went into his car/engine before he even get the chance to drive out from the tunnel. Too bad for him, but he was lucky that there were a few guys who helped him out.

After the car was successfully pushed out from the flooded zone,
The few guys.....

played football in the water. lol.
Penalty Kick!
Goal keeper in the water, the tunnel was the goal.


Thank you for reading.