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ok random stuffs!

College 9am to 7pm.

When I'm back from college, I've got so many things to do!
g r r r.
- Assignments, air legislation studies, compass system compensation revision, mcoq test in 2 days time, exam in 2 weeks time, oral test in 3 weeks time... etc etc..
- and so I have to study everyday 8-10pm to keep up with my packed schedule O.O

Then when I'm online, I have so many things to do too.
- My blog, M-Yo blog, M-yo forum, LG Cookie forum, Lowyat forum, Alphanatics forum, Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, Msn messenger, sending out pics to people..
- Everything in my 2 hours weekday's allocation! 10pm-12am.!

Random sky.
not a normal blue sky...

Thank you for reading.