Earth Hour 8.30pm Malaysia

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Unlike most of the people who were at CapSquare counting down to the Earth Hour and joining the Earth Hour walk which I supposed to participate as well, I stayed at home instead.. Decided to revise some of my Air Law syllabus as I'll be going out tomorrow and I'll be having an exam on Friday.

g r r r. r o a r r r r r

So what did I do during Earth Hour? Of course I switched off every single light in my house as well as the computer, tv, fan and so forth.. Apart from that, I also took pictures of how Earth Hour is like in my house, and as the time passed it's already 9.45pm! woooot
Time flies....
My subject was the candle, can you imagine taking nothing but the candle for almost an hour? haha
The candle was either the subject or it's the background bokeh. hahaha. Get it?

The candle posed for my camera!

Candle Light dinner during Earth hour.
It was really dark especially at the dinning table where I only have one candle, hence the brightness and the noise... bahh..

on the other hand, my mom was eating her poridge.

and my dad was with his toy, the dumbbell..

and as for me, I wasn't studying.
I was taking the picture of my Air Law notes!
How can you study in such condition? haha

That's all from my Earth Hour, what about you.
I have united against Global Warming by switching off the lights.
Did you?


Thank you for reading.