Abandoned House Photo Outing

11:19 PM , 3 Comments

Few months ago, I went for a photography outing with a group of dSLR enthusiast.
We went to an abandoned house in PJ, it was all Kin Meng's idea.

Turned out better than what I thought but I didn't have enough subject to shoot.
If there were a few models or so, it would have been better..

Nevertheless, it was a great outing.
some random photos taken, enjoy..

An abandoned house.

A pair of abandoned Jordan shoes. haha

Some random abandoned stuffs.

An abandoned canon 40d with 24-70 f2.8 ! woooot.

A group shot at the abandoned house!
hahaha damn nice, they are the strobing pros..
Jon Ming, Ken Gene, Melissa, Jannifer, Ewin, Patrick, Kin Meng and Eman!


Thank you for reading.