CYYC in details.

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Editted @ 1pm - Typo on the dates.

In the month of November, I participated in the Central YoYo Contest which was held at Sunway Pyramid. This is a contest organised by Skillz, very impressive as it is the first regionals we had in Malaysia (though we already had 4 National contests). Thumbs up to Raymond, Kong and Dimi for making this contest a success. Apart from that, I managed to grab the first placing for the Offstring division. hehe =p. Nevertheless it was a fun and exciting day for all of us.

To sum it up, make sure you drop by on the 18th January 2009 @ Mahkota Parade, Malacca. There will be another contest and also the 2nd regionals. See ya!

The speed challenge is also a contest whereby you have to perform 10 simple tricks in the shortest time possible. That's me rocking the baby, one of the 10 tricks.

Judges writing down scores, the use of clickers made it easier to judge especially for the advance division/catergory.

Are you ready?

The winners.
Wong KJ (2nd), aahemmm it's me, and Honvee (3rd)

My yoyos.

Some of the pictures today were taken by Honvee's d80.
That's why it is somehow different. lol.
This picture was taken by my point and shoot, amazingly it can focus in a close range.

which I can say Semi-Macro. woooot.
Lumix PnS rox!

For more info regarding the next contest
check out

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