Rubik's Contest

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There was this Rubik's cube contest a month ago in ToyR'us KLCC.
I wasn't the fastest to solve, but I wasn't the slowest too.
Solved it with a normal LBL method with a time of 1.00 minute.
Not too bad with LBL, started learning F2L 2weeks back and I managed to get 50 secs now.

Should get some better timings if i continue practicing...

Here are some pictures taken during the contest!

The Rubik's cube.
Don't you know how to solve?
Go go try it now!

The contest area.
Lovely cube tables.
That's the judge! lol.

Contest starts!
Many people.
Fastest time, can I?

Score sheets.
I was one of the Top 10.
1.00 minute.

I got this Tee!
The Rubik's Asian Championships Tee!
Damn nice.

Thank you for reading.