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The day feels shorter now with my new evening shift.

Wake up everyday in the morning around 9 - 10am.
Eat, bath, online, do some revision and it's time to go to school, 2pm.
2pm to 9.30pm in school, lepaking, studying, etc etc.
Reach home 10pm. Eat, bath, blog then it's 1am, time to sleep.

Good thing is, I can sleep later which I usually don't.
I can go for midnight bowling, midnight movies and midnight clubbing which I usually don't.
baaaaah wasted.

But, it is more relaxing studying at night.
Especially if the particular class is at 8pm to 9pm. lol.

I got 95% for my electrical quiz today, yay. Didn't study much thou.

Anyway, I'm still posting my Oct08 pix.
Langkawi post sooon.
With this rate, I think I am going to have more pending posts. lol.

Some randomo shots!

YumCha at McD.
Apple pie is the cheapest.
Buy 2 for RM 3.

Banana pie is the twin of apple pie.
Must get both of em.

YumCha at Tehtarikplace, The Curve.
High class teh tarik.

My Teh Ice.
Special high class taste.

Oh, I was featured in a booklet.
Some top players from different countries. lol.
Glad to be in it.
Below me is a player from Singapore, and a player from Taiwan.

Thank you for reading.