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Langkawi trip paused!
Ken Neth is back from Aus.

He brought back is "yo mate-yo mate" aussie slang and some super bombastic words that I don't even understand. Law invited us to his house to drink drink lor, Neth was the pro because he drinks 43% alchohol everyday in Aus while I drink Milo (sihat setiap hari) everyday.

How to beat him in drinking? Milo can lah

and so we're gonna have another session this Fri because some of the guys tak puas with him. aiyoyo.

This is Kenneth. He and his middle finger.
Typical aussie laa. See his tee shirt also you will know. lol.
and some xbox 360 games

Coke biasa satu!

Neth with his I love Malaysia smile.

The damage.
The nail polish removal.
smells like it yes?

Then we ordered mcD nuggets.
Then we had kacangs, twisties, chocolates etc etc.
Then the "I never I never" game started laah.

Coke polish removal.
Mix with coke lah. cannot tahan lor.

Oh and there were 3 alphas during the drinking session! hahaha.

Thank you for reading.