Good Day, Bad night

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It all started good before sunset.
Had a good breakfast, and since it's a public holiday today I went down to KL.
Mid Valley was good, good lunch, good walk, good chat, nice christmas deco, nice pix.

Then to the over-rated commercialized Look Out Point, Ampang.
Google it if you don't know.

OMG. I try not to go there again if I can.
This was my 3rd time going to LOP, but my first time driving there.

- Bad jam, terrible jam. KL = Jam.
- the map wasn't that good, there were a few flaws. grrrrr
- got lost on the way there, uncountable times.
- went through a big bump at a speed of ~30kmph.
- my car went flying like nobody business, sux big time, luckily everything was okay.
- called a few friends for directions but none of them answered.
- credit sharing failed miserably.
- made like 5 u-turns.
- paid parking at the entrance. (a few months back, you don't have to)
- when you reach the top, there's no parking and you have to pay for the vallet parking.
- didn't pay and went back down. Parked at a freaking steep slope, like 45degrees.
- can't find any good location to stand my tripod.
- pics taken were bad lor. grrrrr
- totally forgotten that I have to celebrate my mum's birthday tonight!
- it was 10pm, had to go home straight away.
- didn't take my dinner.
- got lost again, seriously don't go there if you don't know the way.
- a very long way back home
- was speeding all the way >100kmph
- expensive tolls.
- came back home and didn't celebrate, was too late and they were asleep =(
- a whooping 120 kilometres on the road today!


no pix, grrr.
bad night, but I had fun in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading.