Final Part Langkawi

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woohooo Trial 1 was great.

and so,

I shall post up the final part of my Langkawi trip.
I was there with Keith, Wen Jie and Nicholas during the month of October.

hmmm, pure landscape style pictures and no vertical shots for today!

The famous Langkawi Eagle.

we had Thai Seafood for the last dinner in Langkawi.

But the only pix that turned out nice was the Pandan Chicken, haha.
taken by Keith.

On the way back to KL, the aircraft seats were so colourful!
We were the ones who did all those seats during our practical in the seatbay workshop.

Overall it was a great trip with my collegues.

That's all from Langkawi and that is the last post for the month of October.
Next up will be my November's pending posts.


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woah I've broken my post on the trip into 9 parts! LOL.

Thank you for reading.