Evening shift

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Friend A : Hey, let's go watch movie later at 6pm?
Me : Aiyaaa cannot, class laa..

Friend B : Hey, yumcha tonight at 9pm?
Me : Cannot =( class ler...
Friend B : what? 9pm?

Yes. I am now in the evening shift.
2.30pm to 9.30pm everyday for 4 months!

This is indeed different from others, because we are second to none. lol.
Weird shift timings from my school. omg.
But in a way it's quite fun too, trying something different.

Since it's the first day of my evening shift, I brought my camera along!

Did something during our break time..
Credits to Keith!

and yeah posing with my school..

I can see sunset everyday.
This was taken near the runway, awesome sunset.

All pics were taken by Keith, Thank You!

Thank you for reading.