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Let's take a break from the Singapore trip.
So today I spent like 8 hours yoyo-ing in Sunway Pyramid together with some friends. Had a long exposure outing with ChoongFu at Kelana Jaya yesterday, and I managed to take some really nice shots! Will post it next time.

and yesterday I bought something.

It's a Sony. Will announce it later on.

and also my parcel from YoYoNation has arrived from the United States.
Took them 53 days to deliver it, what the.
Enjoying the new YoYoFactory Loop 720! woow

Mom just came back from Japan, and she bought me a special cube.
RM 30 after converting, that's a really expensive non playable cube.
Collection is his middle name.

HEYA. Be happy. =)

Five days to 20 years old .

Thank you for reading.