Whats next?

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I am having a lot of pending posts, and more than 100 good pictures yet to be posted. So many, so busy, so little time, so many things to do, how how? Slowly lor. So far since the day I bought my A200, I have collected more than 30gb of photos.

Is it a lot or too little?
I shall shoot more sooooooon...

OK this post will be something different, 1 HDR pic..

Taken on the 4th of October, at a place far far away. Guess where is this?

and normally I don't edit my pictures much, but since ChoongFu has been doing HDR like nobody business since the day he got his new A300 a few months back after getting the poison from me, I decided to do ONE and ONLY ONE Single exposure HDR.

This is my take on the HDR. enuff of HDR-ing.

I still prefer the originals, say no to edited bootlegs....

Blue skies. It was really that blue, no retouching.
The DOF was a bit shallow, forgot to change to a smaller aperture..aaaah!

Thank you for reading.