Teleconverter Sold.!

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As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I bought a Sony 1.7x teleconverter during a warehouse sale. The teleconverter is only compatible with the DSC-R1 prosumer, not to the Alpha series. How sad! I knew that I would be able to sell it off easily and so I bought it for fun.


Sold it off at Buy Sell Trade today with a decent price, no losses. Instead I earn some coffee money from it. Not much but maybe 2-3 meals. yay.

So overall, I got to play with this TC and sold it off with a good price.

Here are some pictures of it.

weeeeeeee. It's heavy.

I love the coating and the shape, something like the 135mm f/1.8 G.

The retail price. Bought it way way lower than that.

heheheh. nothing better to do.
Credits to Sebastian Tiew for taking this pic!

Such a beautiful lens. SOLD.!

Past tense.

Thank you for reading.