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Busy weekend.
Tiring day again.
Just came back from Soho KL, I was doing a yoyo performance there with the M-yo crew.
Had lots of fun. Took a bunchhhh of wonderful pictures!

I wonder how can I finish posting all the pics?
1 weekend, 500+ goood pictures. How to finish lah? hahahaha

Solaris Hotspotz (SohoKL)
Blue Sky.
I love my Sony Alpha.. wooohoooo..

They were having some bazaar there, we had a booth too...
It's me performing Offstring again, my major. hehe.
KJ did a team performance with me too, goood job!
The crowd wasn't that bad, quite a lot of people were there.

WongKJ - the new Sony Vaio Hunk, wants to jump?
Cannot stand the pressure being a Hunk?
and yea he won the Hunk search because I helped him on the Q&A part, hahahhahaa
right KJ?

I don't know what was I doing....
But I love cross processing.. weeeeeeee...

tomorrow! announcing the new time table. zomg.

Thank you for reading.