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Just came back from Jazz Night at Republic, Sunway Pyramid. The event was organised by a very good friend of mine, Jasmine. She invited me to be the official photographer for the night. Wooooot, of course I armed myself with my new battery grip! hahaha. The place was very dark and so a flash gun is a must, used up 8 batteries in a night. I guess my rechargeable batts were not that lasting, should I get some better ones? I'm using Sony Rechargeable 2300MAH, not lasting siah...

Tired, I'll upload 1 yabai yabai yoyo players in Singapore with our Yabai Yaaaak shoes!

Here it is! see those dunks, yoyo players dunks!
Yabai Yabai. Photo shot by KJ, the very pro photographer.

Thank you for reading.