Sekinchan 1

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Went to Sekinchan a month ago for a photography outing, it was far but it was worthy to go. A total getaway from the normal city lifestyle, I don't mind going there again for a few nights if I have to. The paddy fields were so green and nicely grown, it was my first time going so near to the paddy fields. lol.

jakun* =p

Blue sky.. Using a CPL was a plus point.
I will show you the ultimate blue blue blue sky in the next post!

I like.

I also like this.

OK. I did this panorama shot a month ago.
It's a vertical panorama shot....

I like vertical shots, that's why I bought a vertical grip! hahahaa


3 days to Central YoYo Championship (State Regionals) !

Can I ?

Thank you for reading.